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Experience matters.
Especially now where the world has been turned upside down and businesses must evolve in order to survive. We should know, we practice what we preach. After 3 years as v:ar technologies | AuGames, we re-evaluated & reimagined how we could work better with our partners & clients.
We reemerged in 2021 as beyond your reality with a fresh perspective, vision and outlook. While harnessing our collective 20+ years in imaginative business transformation.


We realized early on that when we start out on journey with our partners & clients, some of the vison & strategy seemed to disruptive or pushed them outside their comfort zone.
Our fast, agile and flexible approach ensured that the longer vision is divided into evolutionary pieces that establishes brand continuity and comfort relevance, while traveling down an exciting new journey.


In order for any business to evolve and move forward, key elements of any transformational journey must be empathetic to the established business brand, even if it's a new sub-brand/business, the foundational elements that the business was built upon must be incorporated and embellished into the transformation plan.
We have been delivering this type of transformation for decades, and that's why our experience really does matters to take you beyond your reality.

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