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20 years of experience

Our collective 20+ years experience in delivering true transformational innovation; from bringing to life a water station plant management system from the traditional green screen input screen to a unique Xbox experience that uses the Xbox controller to move around the plant’s systems, functions and team members. We are also pioneers of Virtual Mirror technology in delivering augmented reality changing rooms and merged reality for an in-depth look inside and out new car launch for major European car company. Plus award winning design for social fashion shopping with our online Look Book.

beyond your reality®

20 years of brand evolution

We also deliver true business change, from world's first fully interactive digital magazine designed specifically for the iPad, to applying real time 3D models using data streaming from F1 cars to help engineers understand how to improve performance. Then using our skills in entertainment industry where a revolutionary visual experience was designed for top artists. We are also trusted advisors, working alongside CEO's to design, develop and deliver new strategic direction with new sub-brands, developing partnerships allowing them to own product manufacturing, while planning retail store layouts for one of the worlds largest grocery retailers.

beyond your reality®

20 years of innovation

Always at the cusp of new technology, we have engineered, designed and developed new technology enhancements where we combined augmented reality with artificial intelligence to create our own artificial reality. Using this new engineering standard, we then developed this for the worlds first ai pet. Next, we applied this to traditional trading cards to create an immersive augmented reality battle arena where the battle cards with enhanced data sets compete either against bot or into a global arena. Finally, groundbreaking wearables, such as our eye lens that can detect changes in blood sugar levels and can react when predefined levels are reached will alert the wearer that blood sugar levels are dropping. The future is safe with us.

beyond your reality®

2020 changed everything

Finally, as the entire world changed after 2020, brands and businesses were given a stark view of their internal vulnerabilities and presented a number of new challenges that if not acted upon, their continued future could be short lived. Such as understanding the new reality of how to manage a remote workforce where a disparity of both internal and external access to systems and protocols. In order to survive we have already started working to develop innovative omni-industry partnership plans that will help our clients deliver new enhanced brand experiences. We are also developing why more empathetic consumer touch points are more rewarding not only for your brand, but promotes experiences that are more enriching that in turn delivers a more sincere sense of loyalty.
In 2023, we know we can help develop some truly unique experiences for your business that are truly; beyond your reality .

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