intellectual property
updated: 02/03/2023

Our intellectual property is a core component of our business and provides added value to our employees and stakeholders across the company and as such is monitored and protected passionately, and is being added to on a regular basis.
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intellectual property

As we have been building our company we have been developing a suite of ip that we can bring to our clients/partners as part of our engagement.

These range from technology ip that can be licensed or purchased depending on how & where it would fit into the brands strategy.

We also have a range of business & marketing concepts based on our decades of experience across mutiple industries to developing ideas for multiple start-ups. These for part of our Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights.


When we use a trademark, it maybe a word, logo, symbol, or how we use lettering (our use of the reversed "Я" for example), tagline, game or game characters, merchandise or any of our designs that can be a word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and displays what we feel is a sense of trust that the source product or service is from us.

When and where we use ® ™ ℠ this is known as our 'trade dress'. When you see, or use it, it should depict and is expected to show specific colours, design, appearance in both physical and digital instances.